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Manonmaniam Sundaranar University
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Dear Parents / Guardians
We “welcome you” to our organization, devoted towards upliftment of human values through journey of enlightenment. We aim to provide a sound all-round education that will produce the whole personThough due emphasis is given to academics, we lay stress on all-round character building.We hope to produce citizens who are trained not merely in body and intellect but to build them as a rational human being.To achieve this goal, we provide an opportunity to boys and girls to show initiative to think for them and develop a myriad of interest (Athletic and cerebral).We are educated by the global grief and sensitized by the abhorrence of arrogance and opulence and authoritarian abuse of power.But even when darkness surrounds, great thoughts light of small candle i.e. Light of education.
By our own observation and in-depth analysis we felt the necessity of an institution, providing a proper care and true guidance and assistance to your child in every aspect under one roof, thus making them strong and confident enough to triumph in all aspect and under all circumstances. Success is bound to play and individualized attention to each and every student to unfurl the hidden skill.Thus, success came into existence.The academy is promoted by eminent teachers with vast knowledge, management professionals, software engineers providing an unique platform for your children grow academically, mentally and intellectually.
We take this opportunity to share the responsibility in upbringing your child with utmost care and affections.Therefore, those who love their ward and their upliftment cant ignore us.
“Be your own Light”
With warm greetings,
Yours faithfully,
Mou Dutta
Bodhi Bhavans
Our Educational Values

Bodhi Bhavans promotes the following:
Acquiring Knowledge.
Synthesizing Knowledge.
Applying Knowledge.
Providing a Unique, Organic Curriculum that is Enjoyable, Relevant and Effective.
Nurturing Creativity.
Developing Emotional Intelligence.
Building Self-Awareness, Self-Esteem and Confidence.
Addressing Multiple Intelligence.
Learning to Unlearn and Relearn.
Embedding Key Skills in Various Disciplines.
Encouraging Independent Thinking.
Promoting Team Building.
Applying Time Management.
Developing Organization and Management Skills.
Promoting Leadership.
Creating Communities.

Our Progressive Learning Environment
Traditional New
Teacher-Centred Instruction. Student –Centred Learning
The Teacher as Controller and Taskmaster. The Teacher as Facilitator and Inspirer.
Single-Sense Stimulation Multisensory Stimulator
Low-Level Learning that changes effort High-Level Learning that Challenges
Requires Student Conformity Addresses Multiple Intelligences
Isolated Tutor-Assisted Work Independent Research for Collaborative Work
Information Delivery Information Exchange
Passive Learning Active Inquiry-based Learning
Facts, Figures and Knowledge Recall Critical Thinking and Informed Decision Making
Reactive Response Proactive / Planned Action
Isolated Artificial Context Authentic, Real-World Context

A Mission


By Veda we mean the sacrificial literature, yet it will remain one of our richest heritage representing the secular and pre-eminently intellectual aspect of our ancients. From Brahmana literature one can understand the high moral level of ancient Vedic rishis. Here also one finds the optimum of the rishis regarding the life of man in this world. The entire life of man was organized with a single objective, namely the common good of man. The Brahmana literature have a great value to the students of ancient Indian culture.

The Jains have played a very important role in the linguistic development of the country. They exercised the predominant influence on the development of prakrit language.The most important teaching of Jainism is Moksa-marga-path of salvation are samyak darsanda-right faith, samyak jnana-right knowledge and samyak carita-right conduct. Known as ratuatraya (the true jewels).

Dhamma- The Budha's teaching-Dhamma is also very simple and ethical: to abstain evil, to accumulate what is good, to purify one's mind, he laid emphasis on living a life of good conduct (Sila), attaining concentration to secure balance state of mind (Samadhi) and cultivating insight (Prajna), by the understanding of four noble truths (suffering, the origin of suffering, the cessation of suffering) and the way leading to cessation of suffering and practice of noble eight fold path. This path he always called the middle path as it avoid both the extremes of self indulgence and self mortification.

Bodhi Bhavans was estd in 1997, with the active participation of some legendary educationists, poets and novelist with the aim to cater education among the children with adhere methodology of teaching in modern system, with imprint ideology of Indian ancient philosophy.

Welcome notes

We welcome you in Bodhi Bhavans managed under the aegis of legendary founder members offering professional degree courses meeting global standards. The institute have - state of the art infrastructure, dedicated faculties and integrated teaching methodology to equip students with higher level of professional competence.

Bodhi Bhavans is driven towards quality education, academic infrastructure and a strong industry interface. We believe in smart, modern, innovative and value driven education as per global standards.

We welcome students to Bodhi Bhavans collegiate School. It prepares a top flight careers and empowers to compete at the highest professional levels.



Our mission to nurture knowledgeable and ethical, sincere and compassionate, responsible and competent leaders of the global community who contribute positively to the common good.

  Placement & Training

We have a full fledged placement and training cell to assist the students in getting suitable placement. The institute has sturdy placement networks among some leading companies in India. We actively assist our students in obtaining industrial training. Personality development program (PDP) is included in the course of study to prepare them to face Group Discussion and interview boards.


Extra Curricular Activities


Extra curricular activities are programmed in the course throughout the year which infuse the students a sense of discipline and urge to know more to extend their knowledge.A series of seminars, workshops, cultural programs, event management, sports are part of the activities for the students.


Towards Bright Career


The institute is located at the heart of the city near Deshapriya Park.It is well connected by buses and Metro Rail to all parts of the city.The blended syllabus of Bodhi Bhavans with a whole of other co-curricular activities activities develop the skill, nature and aptitude of the children.

  Academic advisory council

1) Dr. Gargi Sen Indian Institute of Chemical Biology 2) Bappa Roy HOD, Physiology, Bankura Christian College 3) Wing. Commander. S.R. Ghosh- IAF 4) Mr. Bijon Ganguli- Teacher St.Xavier's Collegiate School 5) Somnath Ghosh- TTIS, Art Director 6) Agni Roy- Journalist 7) Kunal Ghosh- Journalist 8) Rajiv Chakraborty- Musician 9) Sunetra Ghatak- Film Critic 10) Prof. D.P. Chattopadhyay 11) Debasish Mukhopadhyay- Reader, Structural Genomic Section, Saha Institute of Nuclear Physics, Kolkata 12) Mrs.Ratna Som- Ex-HOD, Chemistry, Jogomaya Devi College, Kolkata 13) Tamal Sengupta, Chartered Accountants 14) Mr.Bijoyadatta Chakraborty- Lecturer, Economics,Ramkrishna Mission College, Narendrapur, West Bengal 15) Tapas Mukherjee- Principal, Lake Point Convent School 16) Shikha Singh Director, Annexe College of Management Studies , Kolkata 17) Mr.Parag Roy- Reader, Rabindra Bharati University


An In-depth Syllabus


We follow the academic structure as outlined by Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) with a focus on child's growth and their moral development as the curriculum attracts the totality of a citizen of progressive India.

  A spectrum of activities


Creative Writing

Raja Yoga

Public Speaking


Dance Class & workshop

Personality Grooming

Clay Modelling

Nutrition & Care

Art & Craft

Career counseling

Science & Art club


Environment Club Project


Social work


Civic Awareness Drive


Inter School meet
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